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Founded by artistic director Rosa Mercedes, DUENDE BALLET ESPAÑOL was dedicated to the promotion of Spain's rich and varied dance styles. The work was guided by an artistic vision that embraced innovation while preserving and remaining true to Spanish dance traditions.

  Visually stunning



"The program opened with the stunning authority of Rosa Mercedes in a beautiful bata de cola. Her exquisite sense of just how much to give... instantly established the look and essence of this elegant performance." 


"The costumes were gorgeous, the music was excellent and they lit up the stage with the unique power and electricity of Spanish dance."


"In the middle of a standing ovation, a brief and improvised finale added a hypnotizing ending to this Night of Duende: Rosa Mercedes in dance steps and movements suggested with absolute mastery. The indescribable magic of flamenco in one's flesh and bones."


"Duende Ballet Español revealed to those lovers of powerful emotions and sensitive hearts all of the magic and poetry of Spanish dance and flamenco. 'Duende' is like a magic wand that awakens one's true heart, provoking an internal shock. Nothing expressed these feelings better than the production presented by Duende Ballet Español."

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